pour one out for ben and ana

good chat #21

I don’t actually have anything to say about the BenAna Split, except to thank them for providing us with excellent content one last time:

Also in good tweets, this video:


Tough to have to really admire a Man United player, but here we are.

This one came via Kim. Barney Ronay on cricket. That’s all.

Australian cricket fields always have a dream-like quality from the other side of the world, that square of warm light bounced into the gloom of an English winter. The grass is a vivid lime green, the sun a pale glare. Even the players look like an alien race of happy outdoor creatures. Plus, of course, all sport has a tendency to seem disproportionately vital in the moment, none more so than Test cricket, with its series arcs, its rolling narratives.

I haven’t seen Promising Young Woman yet, but I feel like I’ve read about a hundred thinkpieces about it. This one’s a good one, which made me feel some type of way - sad, mostly? Also interesting was this one on how the movie cast a bunch of actors well known for playing nice guys to make its point.

This one’s via Kayla, about three people who died trying to climb Mt Everest in 2016. It’s a long one, but super fascinating. It’s got bonus video and animations to really help you picture everything.

+ some extras:

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