fyi it's only 96 days to christmas

good chat #42

and this year we’ll get to celebrate 10 years of the best Christmas album of all time/the 21st century, at least.

Here’s a good non-Christmas song:

The links:

This piece from the New York Times looks at the small and medium businesses that occupy office space in the Empire State Building and how working from home through the pandemic will affect the building going forward. It sounds boring, I know, but the story is illustrated with really cool graphics that help paint an interesting picture of the building.

Huge spoilers in here for the ending of Beautiful world, where are you obviously, but if you also found yourself kind of confused by the ending (it felt just tacked on to me) then this will be a validating read.

A short but informative look at how companies that sell you gift cards or have you top up a balance through their app make money.

In light of stories like Olivia Rodrigo having to give Paramore writing credit on good 4 u, this looks at how music copyright is working right now (basically, many artists are being super conservative and giving writing credits/kudos out left, right, and centre).

Can you be held accountable for a crime that you didn’t realize you were committing? The answer is sort of: “Even though intent doesn’t matter,” says Jacobs, the attorney, “you still need to prove access.”

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