"but, like, i don't think she's ever roasted a chicken before"

good chat #35

Sydney is in lockdown, but the Canadiens made the Stanley Cup final and Italy’s through to the quarters, so Ted Lasso was still right about hope.

Because Sydney’s in lockdown, I started another substack newsletter. It’s called create playlist and it’s going to be me asking people about their spotify playlists, because there’s nothing I love more than trawling through spotto, finding absurdly-named playlists (“cottagecore but you’re in jail for five counts of arson”), and somehow getting the exact kind of vibe the name was going for. Anyway, subscribe if you’d like (and hit me up if you have music you want to talk about!!!). In the meantime, here’s a good song:

Onto the links:

I’m not on the cookware side of Instagram so I’d never heard of Great Jones before, but there’s nothing I love more than a) stories about startup drama and b) stories about toxic girlboss drama, so I signed up for a $1 trial to Insider to read this and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I mean, this gem alone:

For some staffers, a Domino magazine article in 2019 was a tipping point. In the spread, which featured a large photo of Tishgart in a silk robe dress, their boss described her tips for entertaining at home and shared her favorite roast-chicken recipe with readers — a recipe an employee had sent her earlier in the day. The employee said, "I wasn't going to ask for credit for a chicken recipe, but, like, I don't think she's ever roasted a chicken before."

+ on the topic of female founders, this short fiction piece - An interview with the woman behind The Brand! - is great

Just a delightful look at the tradition of the ‘suspended coffee’ in Naples: paying for an extra coffee at a cafe, which someone in need can come in an ask for later.

Some obligatory Euro 2020+1 chat:

Soccer can be pretty aggravating to watch sometimes. The game is so hard, and played at such inhuman speeds, that finding a steady supply of thrills in a single game can feel like an act of compromise…But sometimes everything lines up just right, and you get to see three perfect touches and a goal, and soccer is the best damn sport.

This pandemic has shown us we can call only one place home, and it has chosen Australia for us. By the middle of the month I am full of angst, bloated with the sense that we are stuck and will be for a long time to come. There is no escape from the feeling, just as there is no running away from this place. We are safe and sound and lonely, wedged between the Indian Ocean and the wide-open desert.


Now, some topical funny tweets:

some just funny tweets:

and last one - @Kayla introduced me to this fake Tim Winton twitter a while ago and it is truly so good:

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